Services for Pets






I offer two services for your precious pets. Your pet does not have to be in a relaxed state or sitting still to receive this treatment, as this is not a realistic expectation. This service is effective for any species or breed.I will connect with your pet remotely, and you will receive a detailed, written summary of the process and what I find. All that is needed is a photo, name and the age of the pet.


 These fun, 30-45 minute sessions will provide insight into your pet's health, happiness,       mission and role in your life, (and if applicable)their past incarnations with you. They can be conducted via Zoom or by email. The energy exchange is $44.


🐶 Pet Distance Healing & Chakra Alignment

 This is a Reiki-like energetic healing, which utilizes a crystalline frequency.

Your pet will receive soothing, healing light, along with a full chakra alignment.The energy exchange is $44.

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